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NFL Tailgating Is An Art In Itself

Apparently, Baltimore Ravens fans are better at the art of tailgating than perhaps anyone ever thought they were.

Find out interesting football tailgating statistics and facts in this tailgating infographic.
Provided by Nationwide Insurance

Fans go to the NFL games to watch and root for their favorite team, but while the 60-minutes of playing time might take around three hours to play out, the pre-game event known as "tailgating" involved a special game-plan all of its own. Fans in all 32 NFL cities have their own traditions, from suntanning in Miami to building ice castles in Minneapolis.

While those two examples may not in actuality be the basis of typical tailgating, the history of the tradition goes way back. According to Nationwide, there are over 50 million of us tailgaters in the U.S., who spend up to $12 billion each year on these activities, as seen in the infographic above.

In addition, the story lists Baltimore as one of the top five tailgating cities in the country. Not bad, Ravens fans. Not bad at all.

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