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Justin Tucker Quickly Becoming A "Clutch Kicker"

Not quite Adam Vinatieri yet, but he's getting closer every game.

Harry How

The opera-singing undrafted kicker out of Texas is earning a reputation as a clutch kicker more and more every week. After cashing in on two 38 yard field goals (one sending the game into overtime and the other winning the game) Justin Tucker is now 22 of 24 on the season with 2 game-winning kicks under his belt. After a dismal season by Billy Cundiff last year, Justin Tucker seems to be the reliable kicker that the Ravens have been missing ever since Matt Stover left the team.

With each passing week the Baltimore Ravens are becoming more and more comfortable with their decision to cut incumbent kicker, Billy Cundiff, for the goofy rookie, Justin Tucker. No matter what the situation it seems as if Tucker is always cool under pressure and is always ready to just get the job done. And for that he has quickly obtained the title of a "clutch kicker".