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Ravens Win By A Foot

Well two actually; Ray Rice and Justin Tucker's

Harry How

This game was about as big of a roller-coaster we've seen this season. After being shut-down the entire first half, the Baltimore Ravens came back to beat the Charger 16-13 in overtime. Two defining plays of this game were the determined 30 yard 4th down reception by Ray Rice to pick up a first down to put the Ravens in range to kick a field-goal to send the game into overtime. With time dwindling down in overtime, Joe Flacco launched a pass to Torrey Smith which was beautifully handled and caught. This play put the Ravens in position to let Justin "The New Vinatieri" Tucker to kick the game-winning 38-yard field goal. It's worth noting that the Ravens did not lead once this game.

This game was a true test to the Baltimore Ravens' resiliency. After losing multiple key defensive players, and battling an uphill battle the entire game, the Baltimore Ravens have fought their way to a record of 9-2, with a comfortable cushion between them and their AFC North rivals. Join us next week as the Baltimore Ravens take on the much-hated Pittsburgh Steelers in Baltimore in what looks to be a good 'ol fashioned slug-fest. Have a great week and enjoy the win you guys.