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Where To Find Ravens Game On TV

No matter where you are, you can find the Baltimore Ravens or one of the other NFL games on TV this afternoon.

Jeff Gross

If you are from the local Baltimore viewing area, you will obviously have no problem watching the Baltimore Ravens game at the San Diego Chargers starting at 4:15pm (ET) on CBS. Of course, you will get the same game, albeit at west coast time (1pm PT). But where else will the game be on TV and what other games are on throughout the day for the early and late games of week 12?

According to NFL TV listing site,, here will be no early game in Baltimore on CBS and while there will be a 1pm game on Fox in the local area, it has not been definitely decided as of yet, although it appears the coices will be between the Vikings at Bears, Falcons at Buccaneers or Seahawks at Dolphins.

The late Fox game has not been decided either but should be one of two games, 49ers at Saints or Rams at Cardinals.

The broadcasting crew for the Ravens-Chargers will be Ian Eagle and Dan Fouts. With Fouts being a former QB of the San Diego Chargers, don't expect too much love to be shown towards the Ravens form the legendary Chargers QB.

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