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Happy Thanksgiving (Thursday Night Open Thread)

Today is perhaps the best holiday of the year; one where everyone can huddle around with their family watching TV all day as they wait for the dinner to cook. God bless America.


Do you smell that? It's a wonderful smell. One that consists of turkey, stuffing, tree-decorating, freedom, and most importantly, football. As your day concludes and you wind down with a good 'ol Thanksgiving night game of football, keep in mind how wonderful of country we truly have. America is truly a blessed land where for at least one day we can all come together and celebrate the beginning of our country's reputation as a melting pot of people. For all of you aren't fortunate enough to have company or family with you tonight, keep your comments here and us loyal members of Baltimore Beat Down will serve as your second family. I hope everyone enjoys the rest of the night and the final football game of the evening.

P.S. for those of you crazy enough to go Black Friday shopping tonight at midnight stay safe and have fun.