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What Do You Wear When Watching Ravens Games?

Football fans can be some of the most loyal fans, wearing their team's gear whenever they play, if not all week long during the season.

When the Baltimore Ravens sprint out onto the playing field, they are wearing their jerseys whether it be their home or away uniforms. When you sit on your sofa or in your seats at M&T Bank Stadium, what do you wear to watch them play? Are you a "jersey-type," donning your favorite player's uniform number? Who do you think is the most popular Ravens jersey? Flacco, Rice, Lewis, Reed?

Perhaps you always wear Ravens gear, but more of a general team style, such as a Baltimore Ravens t-shirt, hoodie, fleece, etc. Do you only dress up when you head to the stadium or do you wear your gear whether or not you are at home, a friend's or the local eating and drinking establishment?

There are very few fans out there who dress from head-to-toe like Captain Dee-Fense, or one of the other "super-fans." What do you wear? Jersey, shirts, hats, camouflage pants, face-paint? Perhaps a Hawaiian shirt, or so I hear? Anyone want to post your photos in the comments section below?

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