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Chargers' Rivers Having Miserable Season

The main reason the San Diego Chargers are out of the playoff race with a 4-6 record is the poor play of QB Philip Rivers.

Doug Pensinger

The Baltimore Ravens next opponent, the San Diego Chargers, have been a tough match-up over the past couple of seasons they've played each other. The Ravens split the two previous games with the Chargers, but QB Philip Rivers torched them both times.

Rivers may be racking up the yards in 2012 and enjoying a completion percentage above 67%. However, he also has thrown 14 interceptions, tops in the league in that department and has been sacked 26 times leading to nine fumbles. In comparison, while Ravens QB Joe Flacco has virtually the same passing yardage on one less attempt and QB Rating, yet half as many interceptions (7).

In a recent ESPN Insider story, the question is raised that perhaps Rivers has passed his peak and it may be time to consider replacing him. The article uses stats from Football Outsiders, that shows former productive player's numbers in their final seasons.

If Rivers is to rebound and lead the team into the post season next season (as this season is a lost cause), then he will need more help around, namely protection in the form of a better offensive line. The ESPN Insider story is only available to those with a paid subscription and unfortunately, cannot be published outside of there.

There is nothing the Baltimore Ravens would love better to do than to help the Chargers make the decision to replace Rivers by harassing him into hurries, sacks and interceptions this Sunday. A Chargers win makes their decision tougher while a Ravens win only helps to cement his future.