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Could Ravens Have Used Aqib Talib?

Should the Baltimore Ravens have made an attempt to trade for Tampa Bay Buccaneers CB Aqib Talib at the NFL trading deadline?


As noted in a story from SB Nation's NFL site, Bucs Nation, the most notable trade in the NFL at Thursday's 4pm trading deadline was the one where the Tampa Bay Buccaneers traded CB Aqib Talib and a 2013 seventh round draft pick to the New England Patriots for a 4th round pick. The Patriots have given up the most long pass plays in the league and Talib is a great addition to their secondary. He is coming off a four-game suspension and will probably go right into their starting rotation in the defensive backfield.

For the price paid for Talib's services, could the Baltimore Ravens have used him and would he have been worth the bait used to trade for him? The loss of CB Lardarius Webb to his second ACL injury in his career opened a hole in their secondary and the possible loss of Cary Williams to free agency in the off-season could add to their lack of depth there.

Webb's injury gives no indication of how and when he will return and the continued questionable health of safety Ed Reed makes one wonder if the team might have tried to acquire the big, physical Talib at some point. There are not that many trades in the NFL nowadays, so the possibility of adding depth to this now questionable link in the defense might have been a long shot, but perhaps one worth considering.