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Where To Find The Ravens On TV Tonight

It's not going to be a problem finding the Baltimore Ravens game at the Pittsburgh Steelers on TV, as it is on prime time television on NBC's Sunday Night Football.

Normally the Baltimore Ravens are usually only on TV in the viewing areas of Baltimore and whomever else they are playing that week. However, week 11 has them on prime time TV and will be seen nationwide on NBC's Sunday Night Football. This means that Ravens fans all over the country, such as my son in Denver, Colorado, will get a rare chance to see their favorite team on national television.

This also means that Ravens fans will be able to relax and watch other games in the NFL in both the 1pm early slot as well as the 4pm later afternoon games before settling down to watch the best rivalry in the NFL at 8:20pm. If you live in the Baltimore viewing area, here's what you can lounger around all day and watch, courtesy of

1pm: Cleveland Browns at Dallas Cowboys (CBS), Philadelphia Eagles @Washington Redskins (Fox)

4pm: Indianapolis Colts @ New England Patriots (CBS)