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Ravens @ Steelers: Game-Time 'Open Thread'

Post your comments on the Ravens-Steelers game LIVE on Sunday Night Football.

Justin K. Aller

Join the legions of fans and post your comments LIVE as the Baltimore Ravens invade Heinz Field to play the Pittsburgh Steelers in a crucial AFC North match-up on Sunday Night Football.

The 7-2 Ravens will try to stay ahead of the 6-3 Steelers in a game that will be missing the key components of both teams due to injuries to key starters on both teams. However, regardless of who is or is not on the field, this will still be a war that is usually seen in this rivalry and rarely duplicated by any other in the league for having such consistently close games virtually every time these two squads face each other.

With fans on both teams super psyched for this game, please adhere to the Community Guidelines and keep it clean and in good taste. Welcome our opponent's fans and try to keep the foul, personal comments out of this thread. Don't be baited into a verbal battle with other fans and do your best to represent The Beatdown to rise above the trolls that could stop by and try to bring down the fun and enjoyment of this live discussion.