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Courtney Upshaw Flipping Cars, No Big Deal

Okay he didn't actually flip them, and by them I mean one. But the commercial still looks pretty freaking cool.

Rob Carr

Recently rookie .Outside Linebacker/Defensive End, Courtney Upshaw, shot a commercial for Gamma Labs; a natural supplements provider. Using the classic celebrity testimonial advertising technique, Gamma Labs used the behemoth of an Outside Linebacker to imply that if you used their product you would become as gargantuan as Upshaw.

The commercial shows a youthful group of athletes in training flipping a tire from side to side as a form of exercise. Then the camera moves to Courtney Upshaw in the background who was drinking a Gamma Labs supplement drink before he proceeded to "one-up" these young athletes by flipping a car onto its roof and walking away. While the commercial was obviously aided by usage of movie magic, it still looks pretty awesome.