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"A Football Life: Ray Lewis"

The rebroadcast of the NFL Network's episode of 'A Football Life: Ray Lewis' airs again tonight.

Patrick Smith

The NFL Network is replaying the episode of A Football Life: Ray Lewis, tonight (Wednesday) at 8pm (ET). If you did not see this when it originally aired in September of this year, you absolutely need to watch this. Whether or not you are a Baltimore Ravens fan is almost irrelevant, as this is an amazing look behind the scenes and deep into the life of one of the best and most respected players in NFL history.

The intensity you see from the moment he comes out of the tunnel before most Ravens home games is not dropped when he speaks at prestigious universities nor in locker rooms of unrelated sports at any level of the game.

This is a much-watch requirement into the life of a guy that has fans mesmerized whenever he is interviewed, or has the opportunity to speak in public. Players from all around the league seek this man out for advice ranging from how to better watch game-film to how to conduct yourself as a person both on and off the field.