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Is Watching Ravens Games On TV Better Than Being There?

While some people prefer to watch NFL games, others would never trade the live viewing experience.


This is becoming more of a realistic possibility as ever, now that the options have improved recently on television. While there is nothing like the feeling of being at the game live and in person, the in-home option is becoming increasingly more attractive as technology grows and grows.

First there was high-definition. HD televisions made the picture look virtually as clear as seeing it live. The multiple camera angles let viewers see so much more than what those in attendance could ever see. Add replay and commentary and the experience is so much more fulfilling as to what exactly is going on at any moment.

Furthermore, depending on what type of service you have, be it cable or satellite, you can watch multiple games, highlights and stats galore and even see every touchdown scored live as they happen. Still, others would gladly trade that for the chance to sit next to some loud, foul-mouth drunken slob who spills his beer on you and then falls asleep drooling on your shoulder by the fourth quarter.

At the same time, the energy, excitement and buzz form being in a stadium with 70,000 others all focused on watching their home team win has no equal for the live experience. Unfortunately, the options of other viewing angles is limited, the replays usually only when there is a great play or timeout, and of course, they rarely if ever show the questionable referees calls.

Even NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is concerned about the new technology that has enhanced the television viewing experience and its threat on NFL attendance. Ultimately, the choice is yours and while some would prefer to sit and watch the game in the comfort of their own home, others swear by the in-person experience. What's your opinion?

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