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Ravens' Flacco Nominated: FedEx "Air Player Of Week"

Joe Flacco's great game against the Raiders earned him the honor of being considered the week's top QB.

Rob Carr

Baltimore Ravens QB Joe Flacco has been nominated as the FedExAir Player of the Week, fresh off his solid performance in the team's 55-20 drubbing over the Oakland Raiders. Flacco's final stat line looked like this: 21 for 33, 341 yards and three TD passes. He did have one interception which lowered his QB Rating to only 115.8.

Flacco's competition in the voting is New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees and Cincinnati Bengals QB Andy Dalton. Neither Brees nor Dalton have the numbers to compare to Joe's, so one would expect the Ravens QB to be the runaway winner in the voting. However, the league and its fans outside of Baltimore and even for some in the area, may not vote for him

Brees is one of, if not the best QB in the NFL and his reputation alone should garner additional votes. Dalton threw four TD passes in the Bengals 31-13 surprising win over the New York Giants, but Flacco was the only one of the three that threw for over 300 yards. Flacco also won in week three off of his performance in the Ravens 31-30 win over the New England Patriots.

Head on over to to cast your vote and do so early and often.