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Ravens Need To Send Thank You Card To Texans

The Ravens are benefiting from the play of three ex-Texans. They may just end up as the glue that holds the team together.

Patrick Smith

Last season the Ravens signed two former Houston Texans to play on either side of the ball and they both became mainstays in the teams starting line up. The team made it's most lucrative deal with All Pro fullback Vonta Leach to be the road plow for All Pro running back Ray Rice. They then signed the hard hitting safety Bernard Pollard at somewhat of a discount much more discreetly.

Both players came in busting heads and brought back much of that hard hitting Ravens style football the City of Baltimore has come to cherish. Leach became the physical voice of the offense bullying opposing linebackers and leading Rice to All World status. Pollard is without a doubt the most physical player left on the Ravens defense. All credit due to Terrell Suggs and Haloti Ngata but they are both injured and not playing at full capacity. Although it would be hard to say that anyone hits harder than Pollard even if hey are the Defensive Player Of The Year. They both define the physical nature of the Ravens style of football and they do it with out a complaint in the world. They just want to play football and bust heads.

Now, in 2012, the Ravens have brought in an other cast of from Houston in highly touted but much maligned Jacoby Jones. The cry in Houston over the years has been that the team had no number two receiver to go along with All Pro Andre Johnson and Jones was considered mistake prone and raw. However, now with the Ravens, Jones is turning in gems weekly and setting return records. He's not the teams best player but the Ravens can no longer complain about not having a viable third receiving option. Jones is big, strong and fast and has shown to be prone to big plays since he signed in Baltimore and has given the Ravens an other down-field receiving threat.

If I were John Harbaugh I would be scouring the waiver wires for cast-offs from the Texans because they seem to be sending off great players yearly. Maybe we should start looking for next seasons cap casualties as well. When is J.J.Watts contract up? Well, any way, as I doubt Mr. Harbaugh or Mr. Newsome will be sending out any thank you letters, let this be Baltimore's official Thank You! to Houston.