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It's Officially 'Steelers Week'

The week prior to the Ravens playing the Steelers is known in Baltimore as 'Steelers Week.'

As soon as the Baltimore Ravens finished off their 55-20 victory over the Oakland Raiders, it officially became 'Steelers Week.' Around Baltimore, this is the period of time leading up until the weekend that the Ravens play the Steelers in what undoubtedly will be just another old-school, street fight that has been typical whenever these two rivals face each other.

For those pure NFL fans who love the classic game that defined the league during it's heyday, this brings out the beast in all of us, as you just know these two teams and their fans have a very special feeling deep in their hearts for each other. Looking back, there is no way to argue that this is without a doubt the best current rivalry in the NFL and one of the best in any sport today.

There are more glorious and longer rivalries in the league and throughout sports, but how many can you name that have been so close for so long? Take away the Ravens 35-7 demolishment of the Steelers to open the 2011 season and there has not been a regular season game decided by more than four points in the John Harbaugh-Joe Flacco era. That's a span of four years and eight games, including the aforementioned drubbing.

In fact, only one other game was won by more than a field goal, meaning every one of those seven contests came down to the final possession. The two teams have also met twice in the playoffs, won both by the Steers and both coming down to one critical play late in the game that decided the outcome.

This first of two match-ups in a three-week span comes on the national stage of Sunday Night Football. The locale will be deep in Steelers territory at Heinz Field, where the Ravens have won the last two times they've played there. Once again, both teams are among the best in the league and stand one-two in the AFC North. The Ravens lead with a 7-2 record and after the Steelers crush the Kansas City Chiefs on Monday Night Football, they wil remain one game behind with a 6-3 record.

Whether you watch the game on TV or go to the game, the anticipation and level of excitement is highest in these two battles. This game is in Pittsburgh, but you could still go and take your chances wearing the Ravens colors. Looking for Baltimore Ravens tickets? They're out there, but are always the toughest ones to get.

Get ready for another great game and a fun week of hype leading up to the game. Let the trash-talking begin!