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Ravens Host Raiders: Game-Time 'Open Thread'

Join the rest of the fans of the Baltimore Ravens who can't be in stands along with me and post your comments live in this game-time 'Open Thread.' The Ravens host the Oakland Raiders at M&T Bank Stadium and just about everyone, including reasonable Raiders fans expect Baltimore to defend its home turf and extend their current NFL longest home win streak to 15 games.

Add your thoughts on the game as it progresses to those of the other loyal fans of the Ravens and Baltimore Beatdown, whether it be cheering their scoring plays or lamenting the predictable offense of OC Cam Cameron. Odds are that QB Joe Flacco will improve on his previous two games which were both on the road, since his home stats are almost twice as good as his road ones.

The Ravens will give a salute to the servicemen and women who have served this country in the armed forces before and during the game in a variety of ways. Come back after the game for the recap posting that should be up in this space shortly after the final whistle.