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Ravens Have To Think About Offensive Line Adjustments

The Baltimore Ravens have got to find a way to fix the offensive line ASAP with the Dallas Cowboys' DeMarcus Ware this week and the Houston Texans the week after.

Rob Carr - Getty Images

The Baltimore Ravens will be facing two of the leagues best pass rushers over the next few weeks.Next week they will be facing the Dallas Cowboys' DeMarcus Ware, who can take a game over if the offensive line is weak and inexperienced, which is exactly what the Baltimore offensive line is these days. The week after that they will face the leagues top defense in the Houston Texans. Ravens fans know just how ferocious this defense can be. They faced off last year twice and the Ravens got all they could handle and then some.

There has got to be at least a thought of bringing in Bryant McKinnie and/or Bobbie Williams. Ramon Harewood and Kelechi Osemele may be doing a decent job for rookies, which is basically what Harewood is, but that will not be good enough for the upcoming games. The Ravens will need the veterans to take on these premier players,as they are the only ones capable of stopping them. Bobbie Williams may not be healthy enough but hopefully McKinnie could step right back in, perhaps moving Oher to left guard and leaving Osemele at right tackle. Or, they could move Oher back at the right and Osemele at guard. Either way I think it would make our line much less of an issue.

Maybe not. I'm just a guy on the internet so what do I know. Head coach John Harbaugh is playing the players he feels are the best fit for this team and why should I know any better. Maybe McKinnie wouldn't be an upgrade at this point in his career with the offense we run but at this point I think that some adjustments need to be made. I think this team is not performing at the best of it's capabilities and with a few pieces moved around they could fix some key issues.

Maybe the Harbaugh dog house has limited this team once again and will keep them from reaching their full potential. Or, perhaps coach Harbaugh will get through to the guys he needs to and bring them back into the mix. It is evident that we need someone. I think that someone is ready to go on the roster.