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Yesterday Was A Great Day In Baltimore Sports History... I Guess

Sunday was the much anticipated day in which the Ravens play a regular season game and the Orioles play a post season game and the city could explode with Purple and Orange pride.

Peter Aiken - Getty Images

Fans all around Baltimore spoke about this past Sunday as if it was predetermined to be the greatest sports day in the history of the City. Well, I think we can forget that notion.

After an uninspiring but hard fought game the Baltimore Ravens pulled out an ugly victory in Kansas City over a team they probably should have easily handled. The good thing is, obviously, we won, but last year I think the Ravens lose that tough road game. It seemed eerily similar to the Seattle game last season when we could not stop Marshawn Lynch with a brick wall.

The defense did stiffen up in the second half and over all they won the game with their timely turnovers and second half domination. Finally some in-game adjustment! Questions are looming larger than ever about the teams pass rush and offensive line on the other hand. Both have to get a grade of D at the highest for Sunday's performance.

Then the much anticipated night cap of Orioles vs.Yankees started playing out very well as the Orioles pitchers and hitters seemed to be matching the New Yorkers stride for stride until the usually trusty manager Buck Showalter over-managed the game in the 9th inning and Jim Johnson let the Yankees blow the game wide open.

Ugghhhh... What a day. All the tension, all the waiting for something, well I don't know, magical to happen. Well unfortunately this is the real world folks and fairy tales rarely play out for us here in Charm City.

For the Ravens it's just an other win with more work to do. For the Orioles, they will need to shake off this tough loss and win tomorrows game if they want any chance at the next round and having the possibility of a Nick Markakas return for the playoffs. Guess things will return to normal soon enough...