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This Week: the U3- The Ugly, The Ugly and The Ugly

We won, but it does not feel like we won. Ravens do their best to play to the level of their competition up and down. A couple of bounces the other way and the Chiefs win by 4? 11? It is extremely maddening to watch this team. Maybe we took a little too much time off during the mini-bye...

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The Good

Matt Cassel. He was the Ravens best player, bar none. I think I only needed one hand to count his pass attempts, and when he did drop back, or try to sneak, there was a better than even chance something good was going to happen for the Ravens. We have eleven Matt Cassel's going for us each week, we would run the table and win the Super Bowl going away.

Ray Rice. Not the most blistering stats he ever had, but he provided just enough and he came through when we needed him the most. And how did he break the 100 yard mark? Amazing. Seemed like he only had like 60 rushing yards all day. I guess he is sneaky like that...

Pierce. Had some nice runs spelling Rice.

Young Tuck. Definitely did us a solid today. Very Stover-esque in that he supplied all the points, and then made a nice open-field tackle on a kickoff return. Kept a good return from being a great return. Wonder if he can blitz...

Upshaw. Continuing to see growth in him every week now which is excellent. Next year, with everybody back healthy, the defense could start to look like the defense of old.

Kruger- best game of his career. Yes, Charles got his in the run game, but damn if Kruger didn't make a couple of nice plays to at least throw a speed bump or two in front of the Chiefs running offense.

And Ngata. Wow. Newsflash- he's healthy and he's HUNGRY -better hide all the toddlers. He is like a train wreck wrapped in a nightmare. If Freddy Kruger and Jason were to have a love child, right now, it would be Ngata.

The Bad

The O-line. How is it that the Chiefs who have injuries on both lines kept winning the battle in the trenches on both sides of the ball? It seems like teams have some film on KO and they are now exposing him. If Oher doesn't re-sign, he can go get a job at an airport... We had no push in the running game (Rice and Pierce made chicken soup out of rotten giblets), and Flacco was sacked, dumped and smacked around more than he should have been, especially against an injury-depleted Chiefs D-line. I think it is time for McKinnie and Williams to make their debut for the season. If that means we only get 2 1/2 quarters of the Sugar Huddle, so be it. But this current O-line is just not doing it for me.

Flacco. We can argue how much of the pick was his fault or not, or that the defense made a great play or whatever, but he can't do that regardless of the circumstances. Yeah he had a nice gallop for a critical first down in the fourth quarter, but our offense should have been all over the Chiefs like stink on day-old farts. Instead the offense just stunk. Putrid.

The run defense. What did Charles have like a six yard average? You know Cassel isn't throwing the ball, there should have been like twelve guys in the box. KC fans would boo when the Chiefs would run on third down, Well, guess what, when you can get 5, 6, 7 yards a clip, you run, no matter what.

Lack of Pass Rush. I know Sizzle is out, but gotta get some juice on the QB, some way, some how. Look, it is obvious that both Mattison and Pees have had to deal with injuries on the Ravens defense. But this is ridiculous. The present defense scheme/game plan is not working.

Deonte. A fumble and a penalty. Not a good day, even for a rookie. But, you live buy a rookie you die by a rookie. See KO above.

The Ugly

The game, period. Not sure what one can surmise from the game other than the ultimate positive outcome -a win. But a game like this does not bode well for the future. No way we roll into Houston and expect a win with a game like this. Heck, this probably doesn't even get it done against the Cowboys at home next week.

The penalties. We were one of the league leaders in penalties coming into the game and I do not believe our ranking will change all that much. These are absolute drive killers. Third and ten. False start penalty and then Joe makes a twelve yard completion. Punt. Arrgghhhh!!!! Although we did seem to tighten things up in the second half so maybe we are starting to clear those issues up.

And the drops. Three from Boldin, one each from Rice and Leach, and I am probably forgetting one or two others.

So now the Cowboys gallop into town. They of the ever tightening Romo sphincter. If the Ravens fall behind, I will not have any worries because Romo will bail us out. His head has got to be somewhere between Jessica Simpson and Mars. Right now, he is a walking "derp". If Dallas attacks us with the same game plan as KC i.e. take the football out of the QB's hands, confuse our O-line, we could be in trouble. And the Ravens better not look past Dallas towards Houston. We do that, we are Dead Men Walking.