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Ravens Vs. Chiefs Post Game Recap

Recapping the ugly game that was Baltimore Vs. Kansas City in week 5.

Peter Aiken - Getty Images

After a completely uninspiring performance by the defense in the first half the Ravens came to play in the second half. They concentrated on stopping the run and made Matt Cassel beat them. Honestly I would have thought that would have been the game plan from the start but maybe they just weren't ready for the blocking schemes deployed by the Chiefs.

Flacco started to show that he was going to break out of it right away in the second half but key mistakes by the offensive line and the quarterback himself routinely caused the offense to shoot themselves in the foot. You have to wonder if there is a call for Bryant Mckinnie and Bobbie Williams to be inserted in the offensive line. Whatever they are trying to do, it's not really working so well. The young guys, and yes I still consider Michael Oher a young guy, are too penalty prone and cannot hold a solid enough line for the type of offense the Ravens are trying to run. Osemele looks like he could be a stud one day but too many mistakes so far.

I can't say it feels like a win but I'll take it. The Ravens were able to trust in their defense in the second half and eventually were able to run out the clock because the Chiefs used their timeouts poorly.

The Chiefs played with a strict game plan and stuck to it because they knew they were facing a better team. They played their strongest hand all game long and almost pulled one off on the stumbling Ravens. So on a day in which the Ravens dropped more balls than they have all season and turned the ball over twice, the team may gain sole possession of first place in the AFC North once again because the Cincinnati Bengals inexplicably lost to the Miami Dolphins.

There is plenty more to talk about in this game including the good: The ever increasingly good play of Paul Kruger and the bad: The Ravens lack of pass rush and slacking run defense.

Well... We are 4-1 and have some tough games on the horizon. Let's hope the Ravens can figure out how to find a winning recipe on the road. This is obviously their weakest point as a team. They always play down, or up, to their opponents...