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NFL Picks & Pans: Week 5

Baltimore Beatdown makes it's NFL Week 5 picks.

Ronald Martinez - Getty Images

Back on track last week after a horrendous week three. In week four, not only did I go 11-5, but also hit two of My "Upset Special Picks of the Week" in correctly predicting the St. Louis Rams over the Seattle Seahawks and the Washington Redskins over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Then again, I did have the Dallas Cowboys beating the Chicago Bears and we all saw that debacle along with Jerry Jones.

I did, however, get the most important game correct and while it was not nearly the blowout I expected, the Baltimore Ravens still won and sit atop the AFC North, where they will continue to remain as I post the specifics on that game later this week. Let's get on with the games of week 5, starting tonight:

Cardinals over Rams: This could easily be a trap game for Arizona, as St. Louis now has an okay defense, but the Cards' is better and as they say in the NFL, defense travels well. Arizona is for real and St. Louis will find out firsthand.

Steelers over Eagles: Philadelphia might be able to beat the Ravens in Philly, but going to Heinz Field to beat a Pittsburgh team that is getting healthy and had a week of rest will bring the Eagles down to earth with a thud. Sorry.

Bengals over Dolphins: The schedule-makers must love Cincinnati, as other than the Ravens game, they've gotten three losing teams in a row to pad their schedule. Miami will offer a bit of a challenge but not change the outcome in Cincy.

Giants over Browns: New York gets to take out their frustration on a woeful Cleveland team that played the Ravens real tough on a prime time stage but now will fold like a wrinkled suit in New...Jersey!

Falcons over Redskins: I hesitated and thought about making this an upset pick, but seeing the Washington defense and their very shaky FG kicker (hmmm,what's his name?), as well as Atlanta's solid play on both sides of the ball with perhaps the hottest QB in the game right now,...I like the Falcons.

Packers over Colts: Green Bay should be going on a streak now and expect Indianapolis to just be a minor bump on the road for them, as they have way too much for the Colts and rookie QB Andrew Luck to try to keep up with.

Panthers over Seahawks: Wow, it's tough for Seattle to have to go to mid-American one week and then the rest of the way across country to Carolina the next. If they couldn't get it done at St. Louis, I like Cam Newton to find a way to get it done at home.

Bears over Jaguars: Chicago is coming off of a short week after an impressive win on MNF and goes right back on the road which is tough, but at least it's only Jacksonville. Don't be shocked if the upset comes in but I just can't go against they way both Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall are connecting.

Vikings over Titans: What is going on up in Minnesota, as they are playing real well so far while Tennessee is just not able to get started. I'd pick the home team in this match-up, so since it's up north, I'll go with Christian Ponder over Jake Locker or even Matt Hasselbeck.

Patriots over Broncos: Yes this is Tom Brady vs. Peyton Manning, but it is not New England vs. Indianapolis. A huge difference with a still excellent Brady and a not-so-excellent Manning. Plus it's in Foxboro.

49ers over Bills: San Francisco looked great last week and was once thought to be the best in the league but now are struggling against lesser teams before pounding the New York Jets last week. The combination of being at home and a disappointing Buffalo team is just what the doctor ordered.

Saints over Chargers (Sunday Night Football): I'm sorry, but there is no way New Orleans can lose five straight to start the season as well as a third game at home this season. Yeah, San Diego is a tough team but the noise and Drew Brees should definitely be enough to get them into the win column. Of course I said that last time they played at home.

Texans over Jets (Monday Night Football): New York is an underdog at home on MNF and has definitely earned the "right" to be just that. Houston is looking like the class of the league on both sides of the ball and this game should have the boo birds out early and often. Expect the Jets to hang around, but perhaps only for a quarter or so, if even that long. Can't wait to read the Post on Tuesday morning!

Last Week: 11-5

Season Record: 39-25