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Will Ravens "Air It Out" In Kansas City?

Will the Baltimore Ravens continue with their pass heavy offense on the road, in a tough environment like Arrowhead Stadium?

Evan Habeeb-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The 2012 season has been all that the Baltimore Ravens had promised offensively after the first quarter mark of the season. Quarterback Joe Flacco is one of the top passing quarterbacks in the league and he has a quarterback rating of 95.8 in his first four games. Flacco has thrown seven touchdowns and run for one while only throwing three interceptions. He is also doing a great job of spreading the ball around. We have seen good production from all three of the Ravens top receivers.

Torrey Smith has had his moments in which he has shown to be the teams number one receiver and future All Pro and Anquan Boldin has most recently showed he can still put the team on his back if need be. Even new addition Jacoby Jones has looked solid and seems capable of being the Ravens' most productive third option ever.

Early on Flacco has shown clear favoritism to Dennis Pitta over Ed Dickson in the tight end battle. Pitta started the season as the starter as many predicted he would but I wouldn't be surprised to see Dickson start to be re-acclimated into thee offense as he is still a match up night mare as a receiver and could actually catch some opposing teams by surprise at this point of the season because he has been used mostly as the teams blocking tight end thus far.

The Ravens come into the fifth game of the season at 3-1 having played three tough games in a row and on short rest. This week they have had an extra few days to lick their wounds and prepare for the Chiefs. Arrowhead Stadium is known as one of the loudest in the NFL and the Ravens may choose to focus a bit more on the run game due to this. Baltimore has used a mixture of no huddle, sugar huddle and regular huddle offense so far this season but they seem to really like what Flacco does in the no/sugar huddle more and more. However playing on the road in the environment they will be in will make it hard to run that offense successfully.

The Ravens could option to base their attack around Ray Rice, Bernard Pierce and Vonta Leach at first and try to wear down the Chiefs defense and crowd with slower methodical drives, using the run game to set up play action. You never know with the 2012 Ravens though, they could come out passing all over the place right out of the gate like they did in week one. What do you think? will the Ravens continue to pass their way to success this week or will it be a Ray Rice-led offense in Kansas City?