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Exciting Games To Watch Tomorrow

With the Baltimore Ravens on their Bye Week, here are a few other ways to get your "fill" tomorrow.


Atlanta Falcons @ Philadelphia Eagles (1:00 pm):

The undefeated Atlanta Falcons will face one of their biggest challenges yet, beating the Philadelphia Eagles in Lincoln Financial. While the Eagles are struggling so far on the season, their team still has explosive potential especially on the offensive side of the ball. The Eagles will have a time getting going against the stout Atlanta Falcons, but if they can, we might just have an early game thriller on our hands.

Washington Redskins @ Pittsburgh Steelers (1:00 pm):

As Ravens fans, it is our obligation to root against the Pittsburgh Steelers whenever we are not rooting for the Ravens. The exciting RG3 will go up against the historically tough Pittsburgh Steelers who have a nasty reputation of handing it to rookie quarterbacks. Hopefully RG3 can overcome this and lead the Redskins to a victory.

Oakland Raiders @ Kansas City Chiefs (4:05 pm):

A classic AFC West match-up against two teams who pretty much hate each other. Both teams are off to a pretty rough start to the season, which is all the more reason to watch it. Generally speaking, when two bottom-dwelling teams play each other it makes for a pretty exciting game because each team has nothing to really play for, so they put it all on the line.

New York Giants @ Dallas Cowboys (4:35 pm):

After losing the first game of the season to the Cowboys, the Giants have rebounded nicely since then, boasting a lofty 5-2 record. Look for the Giants to seek their revenge against the Dallas Cowboys in what looks to be an exciting match-up against two bitter NFC East rivals. But it won't be an easy job heading into Dallas and getting a win. The are another two teams who pretty much hate each other, so watch for this one to get nasty.

New Orleans Saints @ Denver Broncos (8:20 pm):

Do I even need to explain why this will be an exciting game? A prime-time showdown between two of the best QBs in the NFL. Balls. Will. Be. Thrown.