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Ravens Fined $20,000 For Not Listing Ed Reed's Labrum Injury

Bernard Pollard was also fined $7,875 for facemask penalty on Owen Daniels.

Thomas B. Shea

After failing to report Ed Reed's torn Labrum injury last week prior to playing the Houston Texans the Ravens find themselves $20,000 poorer. The NFL launched an investigation into the matter after Ed Reed reported playing while injured, and afterwards they dropped the hammer on the Ravens. This penalty has Head Coach John Harbaugh a bit puzzled.

From Our understanding of the rule has been that if they don’t miss any time at all according to the injury, then they don’t have to be on the injury report,” Harbaugh said Monday.

“I’m very confident that we understand that rule here as well as anybody in the league.”

I can understand why the NFL would launch an investigation into the matter, especially with the Ravens being so close to the chest with their injury reports so far this season. However, I am with John Harbaugh in the sense that I don't understand why this warrants a fine.