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Never Too Early For 2013 NFL Mock Draft

The guys over at SB Nation's NFL Draft site, Mocking The Draft reveal their latest 2013 NFL Mock Draft.

Rob Carr

Of course it's way too early for virtually any discussion on the 2013 NFL Draft. However, the guys over at SB Nation's NFL Draft site, Mocking The Draft, that's all they do, so any day is a good day to discuss it. Therefore, here is their latest 2013 NFL Mock Draft.

In order to have a mock draft, one has to come up with a draft order and the only way to do that is to predict the final records of all 32 NFL teams including the playoffs and eventual Super Bowl victor. The braintrust at MTD sees the 32nd team picking in next year's draft being the Houston Texans, right after the Atlanta Falcons. While these two teams might be the best of their respective conferences right now, it's rare that the top two teams at this point of the season end up being the top two at the end of the season.

They have the Baltimore Ravens picking in the 29th slot, right before the San Francisco 49ers. This means the possibility of a Harbaugh vs. Harbaugh Super Bowl died as the Ravens lost to the Texans in the AFC and the 49ers lost to the Falcons in the NFC Championship Games.

Here's who they have the Ravens selecting with their first round pick and check out the link above to see their entire first round of picks.

29. Baltimore Ravens - Jesse Williams, DT, Alabama
Our run on Alabama players continues. The Ravens could go in a number of directions with their first-round pick next April. Ray Lewis or Ed Reed's replacements could be sought. Their offensive line could use a quality player. But perhaps more than anything, they need size in the middle. This is somewhat of a reach for Williams (which would go against the norm of GM Ozzie Newsome), but he's a perfect fit for Baltimore. He has the size to occupy multiple blockers and can be a force in one-on-one situations.