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Sergio Kindle Signed To Practice Squad

From “It’s basically what I’ve been doing,” Kindle said of his new status on the practice squad. “I wasn’t playing in the game. If anything changes, it will just be the title.”

Larry French

Sergio Kindle was released this Saturday to make room for the reigning Defensive Player of the Year, Terrell Suggs, could return to the active roster after recovering from the Achilles injury he sustained this summer. A day or two later the Baltimore Ravens resigned Kindle to their practice squad. While most players would be frustrated by this demotion, Sergio Kindle is excited for the opportunity to possibly make his way back on to the 53-man active roster eventually.

From “It could be [frustrating], but it hasn’t,” Kindle said. “Being frustrated isn’t going to help. Why do it?”

The former second-round pick said he understood the business of it and being upset “wasn’t going to get me back on the team.”

I, for one, think Sergio has a ton of potential and I'm rooting for him to eventually develop into the stud we all hoped for when we drafted him. Enthusiasm is the key to success in anything in life, and as long as Sergio stays hungry and keeps working I see no reason why he can't eventually be back with the Ravens.