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To Make Room For Terrell Suggs, Ravens Release Sergio Kindle

And so the era of Sergio Kindle, which never truly was, is effectively over.

Larry French

It's a shame this young man never was truly able to live up to his full potential, but as the saying goes, "C'est La Vie". The former second-round pick looked to be a solid player going into the draft, but it was just not meant to be. Hopefully Sergio gets another chance somewhere else and makes the most of it.

But on the flip-side of things, the activation of Terrell Suggs is just what the Ravens need in their time of defensive hardships. The impact Terrell Suggs will have on the pass-rush and defense in general cannot be overstated. He serves as a huge weapon when it comes to getting to the QB and his vocal leadership will be much appreciated with the injury to Ray Lewis.

Terrell Suggs' activation makes it possible for him to play this Sunday against the Houston Texans, but whether or not he will actually be in pads for that game is still unclear. However, it would be a huge addition to a thinned defense if they reigning DPOY was able to make his return this week, and there would not be a better time than against the Ravens' biggest threat for AFC supremacy.

Expect more updates on this story as the weekend progresses, as we will shortly receive news on whether or not the Houston Texans will be attending Ball-so-hard University.