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What To Do About Dwayne Bowe?

What will the Baltimore Ravens do to slow down the Chiefs top tier receiver?

Mitch Stringer-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Cary Williams took an interception to the house against the Cleveland Browns right when he needed to. The fans in Baltimore were getting fed up with the struggling corner who had been targeted by opposing quarterbacks frequently over the past few weeks.

Williams put a temporary band aid on the problem last week by helping his team when they needed it badly. This week however, Williams could be called upon to cover big time receiver Dwayne Bowe. Bowe does come with a bit of a handicap because he is receiving passes from quarterback Matt Cassel but everyone knows the Baltimore Ravens struggle against big receivers so expect Bowe to get the ball early and often this Sunday.

The Ravens do have a big, physical corner back on their roster who may be more of a match for the physical Bowe in second year prospect Jimmy Smith. Smith has spent the majority of his time as the teams nickle corner but he has seen time covering all types of receivers. Could the Ravens call upon Smith this week for his first big assignment?

The other option would be Lardarius Webb and, although I'm sure he would play his heart out, I doubt he could contain a player that much bigger than him. it would be a clear mismatch for the competition. Webb would be much better served matched up with the other Chiefs receivers so at least someone will be covered.

Of course the Ravens will have Ed Reed to Dwayne's side for most of the day but he can only help with the deeper passes. Bowe could kill us in the intermediate passing game. Especially when the defense will have to first account for Jamaal Charles.

It may be Jimmy's time to step up?