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Ray Lewis to Haloti Ngata: "I'll be back"

Well there you have it folks, yet another testament to the heroic legacy that is the career of Ray Lewis. You can take him out, but you can't keep him there.

Jim Rogash

Personally I knew the whole time that Ray Lewis would not let an injury be the way his career ends. Ray Lewis has too much pride to let the last game of his career end with him not being on the field as the clock strikes "0:00".

"I believe and he believes he will be back," Ngata told NFL Network's Melissa Stark, per USA Today. "Just knowing him, talking to him a day ago, (he was saying) 'I'll be back, don't worry.'" (Via

Although there have been some speculation on Ray Lewis possibly returning this season, chances are that the next time he will get on the field is in 2013, as triceps injuries like Ray's usually take about 4 months to totally heal. However, if Ray Lewis' promise is true it will be a truly magnificent feat to see a 38-year-old man on the field after fully recovering from a serious injury. In a sense, Ray Lewis is Baltimore's 2nd "Iron Man"

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