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Terrell Suggs injury: linebacker targeting Week 7 return

The Baltimore Ravens could see linebacker Terrell Suggs make his season debut in Week 7 against the Houston Texans, about a whole month earlier than anyone expected him to be back.

Rob Carr

Though the Baltimore Ravens haven't put a timetable on linebacker Terrell Suggs' injury since the Pro Bowler tore his Achilles in April, many have speculated his return would be around November. According to Adam Schefter though, Suggs' return could be much sooner than that ... like Week 7 against the Houston Texans on Sunday, according to a post on Whosay:

"Sources said that even Suggs' family and friends have plans to travel to Houston in anticipation of watching him stage one of the quickest returns from this type of significant injury that any athlete ever has. 'Yes, that's still the plan' one source texted today."

Surely, the normal timetable for this kind of injury would put Suggs back in mid-November, so it's pretty remarkable to think he could return on Sunday. As it stands, Suggs returned to practice Wednesday and is expected to be evaluated on Thursday, giving the All-Pro linebacker some time to see how he feels 24 hours after his first practice since April.

The Ravens aren't doing poorly without Suggs, with a 5-1 record and a firm lead in the AFC North, but this matchup against the Texans -- who are also 5-1 -- is a big one. Having Suggs back and playing at or near full strength would be nothing but a positive for Baltimore, provided it doesn't end in a setback.

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