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Baltimore Ravens Win a Close One: Edge Cowboys 31-29

All you Ravens fans can exhale. The game is finally over, and we escaped it by the skin of our teeth. After a field-goal that sliced just left of the upright, the Baltimore Ravens find themselves sitting pretty with a 5-1 record.

Patrick Smith - Getty Images

A win may be a win, but this was perhaps one of the ugliest wins I've ever seen. For the second week in a row the once-vaunted Ravens' defense gave up 200 or more rushing yards in a single game. And to make matters worse, Lardarius Webb is out for the season with a torn ACL. Something to watch for in the coming day or two is the status of Ray Lewis, who seemed to be holding his arm gingerly near the end of the game. If the Ravens lose both Ray Lewis and Lardarius Webb, it could spell trouble for their Superbowl hopes.

The offense started off a bit rusty (as usual), but like the previous five games they got to work from the 2nd quarter on. Ray Rice notched a milestone today, accumulating 100 yards from scrimmage in his 35th consecutive game. This number is just flat-out ridiculous. We all know the impact that Ray Rice has on this team, but to see an eye-popping statistic like that just solidified that belief. Also, the trend of the Ravens winning when Joe Flacco has a passer rating of 100+ continued today, as Joe Flacco's passer rating was a solid 106.9.

Like I stated earlier, this was not a pretty win by any stretch of the means, but it was a symbol win. "What was it symbolic of?" you ask? The Ravens' resiliency. The Ravens lost Lardarius Webb, Ray Lewis, and Haloti Ngata for a large portion of the game, and still managed to walk away with the win. While things got a bit closer than they should've there for a while (with the last minute touchdown, onside-kick recovery, and very close field-goal miss), it still shows that the Ravens can win even when the chips are down. You know what they say; sometimes it is better to be lucky rather than good.

The Baltimore Ravens head to Houston next week to take on the first-place Texans. This will be a homecoming for Jacoby Jones (who tied an NFL record for longest kick-off return for a touchdown) as he will face his previous team for the first time. This game was all the makings of a tight, high scoring affair that will definitely be a hard one to pull-off. However, after today's game I have faith in Baltimore's resiliency and ability to win when the chips are down. I hope this trend continues next week in Houston.