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Ravens' Defense Gets Run Over Again

The Baltimore Ravens have forgotten how to tackle...

Patrick Smith - Getty Images

Well, the Ravens pulled one out again this week. In a game that they had all but given to the Dallas Cowboys, in the end the Cowboys gave it right back.

I'm not sure how many missed tackles there were for Baltimore. I'm not sure how many yards the Cowboys gained after initial contact. However one thing I am sure about is that the Ravens have lost the ability to perform a fundamentally sound tackle.

I'm inclined to defer to the coaches on this one. I know many news outlets talk about the Ravens just not having the player to be dominant after the loss of Jarret Johnson, Terrell Suggs and Cory Redding but something isn't right from a deeper standpoint than just the missed tackles.

The defensive line is being pushed around heavily in almost every defensive snap. The linebackers are not covering the gaps because the blockers are getting to the second level and the safeties can't be everywhere at ones. It has to be a problem of scheme.

New defensive coordinator Dean Pees has got to find a way to get the best out of each individual player like Chuck Pagano and Rex Ryan were able to. This defense has too much talent to be beaten so badly in the trenches. Where the hell is Terrence Cody?

The good news is, even with all of this, the Ravens are five and one. If they can manage to pull out a respectable performance in Houston they will have a few weeks to look over all the game tape and figure out the issues. I hope...