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Ravens Awards At The Quarter Mark

Which Ravens have gone above and beyond the call of duty so far this season.

Larry French - Getty Images

Offensive Player Of The Quarter:

Ray Rice:

The Ravens have been running a new offense in 2012 and the focal point has shifted off of Rice a bit but he is still the engine that drives it. When all else fails Ray can always be counted on to perform. Ray Rice is the Ravens best offensive player and is also one of the best in the NFL.

Defensive Player Of The Quarter:

Haloti Ngata:

Both Cary Williams and Ed Reed have two interceptions to start the season and Bernard Pollard has been all over the field making plays but the big man in the middle, Haloti Ngata has been the Ravens most consistent defensive threat. Ngata has been just about all of the Ravens pass rush and is the only player on the defensive line that consistently demands a double team.

MVP Of The First Quarter:

Joe Flacco:

The Ravens offensive game plan has been over-hauled to fit the talents of one Mr. Joe Flacco. The Ravens have completely depended on Flacco for the first quarter of the season and he has the team at 4-1 even with the sloppy performance in Kansas City. Before the KC game Joe was on pace to break records and he still may. The Ravens have openly said that their offense has not performed to its full capabilities yet.