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Turnovers Will Be Key Vs. Cowboys

Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo turned the ball over five times against Chicago. The Baltimore Ravens hope he continues this trend for another week.

Rob Carr - Getty Images

The Baltimore Ravens will be playing the Dallas Cowboys this Sunday at M&T Bank Stadium. When these two teams meet up it will be a star studded event on both teams, on both sides of the ball.

The Ravens have budding stars on the offense in Ray Rice, Joe Flacco and Torrey Smith while the Cowboys have the same with Tony Romo, Dez Bryant and DeMarco Murray. Both teams have star studded, play-making defenses as well. Sure they are still learning as a group on both sides but both can be dominant when they need to be.

It will be up to the coaches on both side to get the ball to their play-makers without letting the ball end up in the other teams possession. The Ravens have done pretty good in that aspect so far even though Flacco has already thrown four interceptions. The Cowboys on the other hand have had a problem with turnovers this season and over the past few.

One of the knocks on Romo is that, while he is able to move his team down the field and can be a dynamic play-making quarterback at times, he is also viewed as a bit of a choke artist and he always seems to shoot himself in the foot just at the wrong time for his team. Whether it's a botched hold on a field goal, an untimely fumble or interception something always seems to keep his team from reaching the promised land. Usually the blame falls on the quarterback and it has been no different for Mr. Romo.

On the Ravens side you have Joe Flacco who started out his career as a guy who was asked to simply not turn the ball over and let the running game and defense do the rest. So he is used to making ball security a big part of his game. However now, Joe is in a passing offense. One that has been designed for him and his big arm. Of course the Ravens always have the trusty Ray Rice to turn the ball over to if Joe and the passing game aren't clicking as do the Cowboys with Murray.

Like most games the turnover battle will be huge and whichever team is able to keep the ball in their own possession should come out on top. When you have this type of game with so many stars on either side of the ball on both teams sometimes the ball just seems to find certain player on defense though, like Ed Reed. Hopefully Reed will be in full ball-hawk mode this week because the Ravens sure could use a pick or two.