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Ravens Last AFC North Team Left

While watching the Steelers-Broncos game last night I knew what made most sense to me as a Ravens fan. I wanted the Steelers to win and go to New England and beat the Patriots, so the city of Baltimore could have a better shot at hosting the AFC Championship... Right?

I tried so hard to root for the Steelers and want them to win but it just didn't work. No matter how much that seemed to make sense to me I couldn't help but love every time they got punked by Tim Tebow. Ike Taylor, probably the Steeler I most dislike, got completely owned by Demaryius Thomas and I loved every second of it.

You could totally tell that Ben Roethlisberger only brought one outfit to the after game press conference. his "moving onto the next round" outfit, complete with a douchey fedora squeezed onto his over-sized head. But, in all due respect, while Ben played hard for his team, it was clearly apparent he could have used that extra week off to heal up for the playoffs. I would have to think the team could have barely put up double digits with Charlie Batch at quarterback against the Browns all the same.

Speaking of getting punked it was nice to see the Cincinnati Bengals run defense coming through in the clutch again. They started off the season so well but totally fell apart for the stretch run. The Bengals team/fans may be some of the most over-confident of any in the NFL. Sure, there are always exceptions to the rule but that's just what I've experienced over the years. Fans tend to take on the temperament of their team. The Bengals are not as good as their team and fans think they are. Just be happy you get to sit at the grown-up's table fellas...

After this weekend it is safe to say the Ravens owned the AFC North this season, going 6-0 in the division, which is no small feat especially when your division has three playoff teams, of which we are undoubtedly the best. I'm sure any Bengals and Steelers fan can talk your ear off about all of the Ravens shortcomings and their six Super Bowls and stripey uniforms and what not. That's just their way of coping with it so just let it be... You would probably feel the same way if the Ravens got slapped around all year like they did. However, the Ravens did not. The Ravens did the slapping, and it felt great.

Yes, I may be being a bit harsh with my words today but I waited until their seasons were over just to be safe. It is now safe to say that as far as the AFC North is concerned the Ravens dominated in every way in 2011/12. Next season it may be different but this year is ours! Now let's take this baby all the way home!