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Ravens Dancing For Post Season Joy

If you had asked the Baltimore Ravens before this weekend which of the AFC playoff teams they'd prefer to face next Sunday at 1pm in M&T Bank Stadium, they would most likely say they couldn't care less. Undefeated at home and having beaten every team with a winning record this season, they will be confident that they can beat anyone who dares to intrude onto their home turf.

With the weekend's game history and the other two division winners advancing to face the Ravens and New England Patriots, we know that the ravens will be hosting the Houston Texans for the second time this season, having defeated them 29-14 in week six of the regular season.

Not too sure how positive the trio of head coach John Harbaugh, LB Ray Lewis and RB Ray Rice would be about this video, featuring all three as dancing elves, but when i uploaded their photos into the 'Office Max' site's video program, it sure brings a smile to may face and I thought I'd share it all with you. Enjoy!