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Divisional Round Playoff Pairings Set

With the exciting overtime win by the Denver Broncos, the pairings for the Divisional Round of the post season have been set for next weekend. Although the Baltimore Ravens have known that they will be facing the Houston Texans next Sunday (1pm) at M&T Bank Stadium, the New England Patriots were awaiting the outcome of the Pittsburgh Steelers at the Denver Broncos game, which just ended on the first play of overtime when Tim Tebow pulled off just another miracle with an 80-yard TD pass for the victory.

The Patriots will host the Broncos next Saturday night (8pm) and a New England victory will mean the Ravens will have to go on the road after they whip the Texans. Most Ravens fans would have liked to have seen Pittsburgh upset New England so that the AFC Championship Game could be held in Baltimore and we could put another beat-down on our division rivals for the third time this season. Unfortunately, Ravens fans will now have to become temporary Denver Broncos' fans in order to host the AFC Championship.

Over in the NFC, the four division winners advanced, so the Green Bay Packers will host the New York Giants and the San Francisco 49ers will host the New Orleans Saints next weekend. However, it is now the Houston Texans who will now command the Ravens attention for the next week, as they will plan on repeating their week six 29-14 win one more time.