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Ray Lewis Must Be Last Out Of Tunnel!

Ravens LB Ray Lewis introduced at M&T Bank Stadium
Ravens LB Ray Lewis introduced at M&T Bank Stadium

When the Baltimore Ravens host the Divisional Round playoff game next week at M&T Bank Stadium, there is the possibility that the team will chose to introduce the offense when the players come out of the tunnel. While they should introduce the defense, I understand the desire to give equal recognition to the great job that Joe Flacco, Ray Rice and others have done this season.

However, regardless of which side of the ball is introduced, Ray Lewis should still be the final player that emerges from the smoke-filled tunnel. Without question, this tradition still sends the fans into a psyched up frenzy that never fails to send chills up the spine or hair stand up on the arms of everyone in attendance, and even the opposition players stand around and watch the scene.

There is the chance that the Ravens will win this game and then head to play the New England Patriots on the road before going to the Super Bowl. If this happens and the Ravens win Super Bowl 46 in Indianapolis, there is also a possibility that Lewis (and perhaps even Ed Reed) will want to go out on top as winners and announce their retirement from the game.

If that scenario comes true, then Sunday could possibly be the last home game for Ray Lewis as a player, and that alone should make it a no-brainer to give him that one more opportunity to grab and taste the turf, then dance and stomp in front of the hometown fans.

To the Baltimore Ravens: Heed us fans and give us what we thirst for. One more introduction of Ray Lewis out of the tunnel in front of his loyal and faithful hometown fans! Please?