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Brian Billick Likes Ravens Chances

Former head coach of the Baltimore Ravens, Brian Billick, did a story on, detailing the most important statistics that he feels defines a Super Bowl contender. His analysis of the 12 playoff teams led him to believe that the Baltimore Ravens will face the New Orleans Saints in Super Bowl XLVI next month.

While i loved Billick as a motivator and how he publicly defended his players, his clock management and choosing of his offensive coordinator, much less unwillingness to take a chance on close plays, made me know it was time to go when he did after the 2007 season. However, Billick has done remarkably well as a TV analyst and now is being mentioned as possibly returning to the coaching sideline for perhaps one of the many openings around the league.

His breakdown of the playoff teams and determination that the Ravens have some key stats in specific categories that lead him to believe they should make the Big Game is interesting and a recommended read by clicking on the link above.