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Ray Lewis On Returning To The Super Bowl

Baltimore Ravens LB Ray Lewis was interviewed after practiced the other day and thanks to our friend, Jerry Coleman, who took this short video, here is his response to getting back to the Super Bowl for a second time. In the video, Ray talks about getting there the first time, how the team didn't know that they were good enough to win it and what it feels like to be a champion.

He says he knows this team has the players to get back there and how badly he wants to see his buddies like Ed Reed and Terrell Suggs know what it feels like and cherish that accomplishment. He says once you win the ultimate prize, then you can sit back and enjoy the rest of your career, knowing that you've won the one thing you entered this league to do while so many others have played the game and never gotten a ring.

In typical Ray Lewis fashion, he so eloquently speaks with the passionate tone that gets your blood flowing and begins to make you impatient for the next time he is introduced and comes out of that tunnel onto the field at Baltimore's M&T Bank Stadium.