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NFL Playoff Power Rankings

SB Nation (New York Region) did a story ranking the NFL Playoff teams in both conferences from 1 - 12. Of course, no surprise to anyone should be that they put the Green Bay Packers at the top of the list. They put the New Orleans Saints right behind the Packers, followed by the AFC's #! seeded New England Patriots, right ahead of the Baltimore Ravens at #4.

Here's what they say about the Ravens:

I keep waiting and waiting and waiting for this Ravens team to take the next step and go from dominant regular-season team to playoff juggernaut that reaches the Super Bowl, and the Ravens keep letting me down. Well, Joe Flacco and the Ravens offense keep letting me down if you want to be precise. Could this be the year that it finally happens for Baltimore. Well, considering the fact that they get a home game, likely against Pittsburgh, and the Steelers are practically crippled on offense, it might be. Then again, I have thought the same thing about Baltimore before.

The good news is that they apparently don't see the Pittsburgh Steelers returning to the Super Bowl, as they have them rated as the 6th best playoff team.