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Baltimore Beatdown Posts Record Regular Season Numbers

Baltimore Beatdown has posted its biggest numbers in terms of traffic during the 2011 NFL regular season. Starting with the end of the lockout in July, the site has not had less than 110,000 visits or under 200,000 page views per month and the recently completed month of December saw the site enjoy just under 170,000 visits and 300,000 page views.

Already, January 2012 is looking to top the list as the best month in the site's four year history, with almost 30,000 visits and over 50,000 page views as of January 4th. The Beatdown is averaging over 6,000 visits and 10,000 pages views per day and will cross the three million total visits plateau at some point this month, having surpassed over five million page views in the site's history last month.

The four months of the 2011 regular season saw this site average 154,000 visits and 275,000 page views and the final month along with what should be a great post season for the Baltimore Ravens will only add to this ever-increasing total in January. Last January's playoff run in the 2010-11 season was the first time that Baltimore Beatdown ever eclipsed the 100,000 visit level and now a deep run into the playoffs could see us past the 200,000 visit total this month.

The site continues to grow because of the great job everyone involved does on a daily basis to promote this blog, from the loyal and increasing readership to the visionary leadership at SB Nation, which has raised the level of the entire network to one that is well-known and respected around not only the NFL but every other major sport as part of their over 300 blogs. Thanks to all and let's keep it going!