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Joe Flacco: Winningest Quarterback Of All Time?

Well, apparently he is.

According to, Flacco has set the all-time wins record for a quarterback in his first four years in the NFL with 44, a stat that surely will surprise a lot of people.

With all the talk of Joe Flacco's completion percentage, touchdown-to-interception ratio and quarterback rating dropping, people seem to have forgotten the most important stat of all. Flacco has won more games than any other quarterback ever at this stage of his career.

Sure Joe has always had a good defense behind him and a strong running game but there have been plenty of other rookie quarterbacks thrown onto teams with talent all around them.

It really amazes me that with all the flack that Flacco takes week in and week out that he doesn't bring it up more. According to's Ryan Mink, Joe seemed hardly interested at all in speaking of his accomplishment.

"It’s pretty special for us to be able to come out here the last four years the way that we have week-in and week-out to win games," he said. "Hopefully, I can add three more playoff wins on top of what we have the last few years. If we play well, we have the team to do it."

Many Ravens fans became exceedingly alarmed this year because Flacco's numbers were a bit down. I'm not sure what they expect from a guy that has almost his entire receiving core over-hauled in the off season. Joe had spent his whole NFL career throwing to Derrick Mason and Todd Heap and all of the sudden poof, they are gone. Replaced with two rookies from Maryland, an injured veteran and two second-year tight ends. With that considered it's amazing Baltimore was able to capture the AFC North crown and a first round bye.

Joe Flacco is never going to be Drew Brees or Aaron Rodgers. he's not going to be one of these guys that carries his team on his arm all season and breaks passing records. You know why? Because he doesn't have to be... Could he be? I don't know. He has done it. In a must win game, against our division rivals, on the road. So, who knows? Hopefully we never will.

With the team that the Ravens have he only needs to be a part of it. Don't get me wrong, he still has to be a good part of it, which he very much is. This record for Flacco is just as much of a testament to his team as it is to him. Joe is a winner because he is around winners and that kind of thing will rub off on a guy. This team has a locker room full of winners. Some of them didn't even know they were winners until they got here, like Cory Redding and Bernard Pollard. But you ask them now and they damn sure know it.

I for one am glad this team does not have to rely on their quarterback to take over games and win them every week. It makes it just that more special when we need him and he does. We have a group that does it as a team, together as one unit. Some one different will step up every game. If Joe were to go out there and throw the ball all game and run up the scoreboard the rest of the team would get soft and they wouldn't be ready for a fight. This team is ready to fight every week! Each player knows the fate of the team could rest in their hands in one play. They are ready to go to battle for and with each other. We all need a little of that in life. Most people don't get to experience it but those who do are better for it.

So Flacco is a winner among winners and he doesn't need to put up a bunch of gaudy stats to prove it. He can just go out there and do the only thing that matters. Win.