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Want To Take Ten Friends To The Super Bowl?

Ever wonder who you might take to a Ravens Super Bowl if you won 10 all-expense-paid trips? An application launched today by NFL sponsor Visa, the You + Ten Facebook Draft application, can help you answer that question, identifying for fans which of their ten friends they’d most likely share such a prize with – based on their Facebook interactions.

Similar to recent applications analyzing our social graphs, the application scrapes a user’s Facebook page and analyzes all recent interactions – e.g. friends tagged in photos, friends who most frequently or infrequently leave comments, individuals noted as a significant other, etc. – to assemble a personalized "Draft Class" for that user – or, the 10 friends the user would take to Indianapolis if he or she won Visa’s You and 10 Super Bowl Sweepstakes.

Perhaps more unique is the video which presents the draft class to the user, unveiling each pick and the rationalization for the selection, complete with sports announcer-like commentary, that the user can then post to their page or share with friends.