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Latest SB Nation Mock Draft

SB Nation is on top of their game with their latest 2012 NFL Mock Draft. They've posted another full first round, complete with one critical and interesting trade that gets the team in position to draft the next best quarterback available after Stanford's Andrew Luck goes first overall to the Indianapolis Colts.

They have the Baltimore Ravens selecting in the 29th position,unless they either trade up or down. Who they have the Ravens picking should make quite a lot of Ravens fans very happy, as the team may be known as always going for the Best Player Available, but that can also mean the best player available at the position(s) they are looking at improving the most.

You will also find it interesting to see that they have the New York Giants picking 32nd, right after the New England Patriots, meaning of course, they are predicting a Giants Super Bowl victory. Check out SB Nation's Mock Draft and for all your pre-draft needs and information, go to Mocking The Draft.

(Click on the 'Jump' to see draft guru Mel Kiper's pick for the Ravens on the ESPN Insider Mock Draft)

Baltimore Ravens

Record: 12-4
* Vontaze Burfict, LB, Arizona St.

He's been drawing comparisons to Ray Lewis since he got to Tempe, and
hopefully Lewis will be around for another year to mentor Burfict. But
either way, the Ravens have to consider what they'll do, as retirement
talk now is a reality for their legendary linebacker, and Burfict is
the kind of player who could develop into a star in his own right in
that defense. He is instinctive and rangy, and plays with an edge. He
developed a bit of a reputation as a guy who was prone to the personal
foul, but if he channels that energy, Burfict could be a very good
one. He has a ton of experience as an immediate freshman starter and
reads the game pretty well.