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Greatest Super Bowl Moments

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Greatest Super Bowl Moments (NFL Films/Vivendi Entertainment)
Greatest Super Bowl Moments (NFL Films/Vivendi Entertainment)

I originally received this DVD, Greatest Super Bowl Moments, from NFL Films and Vivendi Entertainment, to review and promote. What I got was a chance to go back down Memory Lane and re-live all the amazing plays in the greatest single game in sports history each year. I am of the age where I do not remember the first two Super Bowls won by the Green Bay Packers, but of course as a Baltimore Colts fan, I am cursed to remember Super Bowl III, when some guy named Joe Namath "guaranteed" a victory over my heavily favored home team.

From then on, I was hooked on the sport and the ultimate prize. If you are anywhere near the fan I am, regardless of when your fanaticism began, you will love this DVD. It includes the following as detailed by the Vivendi Press Release:

From David Tyree "using his head" for one of the most improbable catches of all time to Lynn Swann’s diving grab and Adam Vinatieri kicking a last-second field goal to win The Big Game, there have been some unforgettable plays in Super Bowl history. With the excitement for Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis building, Vivendi Entertainment, the National Football League (NFL) and NFL Films have captured memorable moments from past Super Bowls for NFL fans with the release of Greatest Super Bowl Moments on DVD and digital.