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Purple Friday?

Baltimore Ravens "Purple Fridays"

For the first time since early September of last year, there will be no upcoming football game to look forward to for the Baltimore Ravens this weekend, and especially next weekend. Every Friday since their first weekend of the 2011 NFL regular season began is known as "Purple Friday" around Baltimore. While there will be a final chance to get a glimpse at a few of your favorite Ravens in this weekend's Pro Bowl, it obviously is nothing what us fans, much less the team itself, expected to be doing this weekend.

Just about every Ravens fan expected our guys to skip the Pro Bowl because they would be playing in Super Bowl 46 next Sunday evening. Unfortunately, the New England Patriots would cooperate with us and they held on for a 23-20 win in the AFC Championship Game when certain victory appeared to be within our grasp.

So, will you be wearing purple today to show your love for the home team? Is "Purple Fridays" relegated to the closet until just before the Ravens open the 2012regular season? Have we as fans lost the right to continue to show our Ravens pride year round, at least every Friday? I say you dare to be different and no matter what happened last week and despite no more Ravens football will be played until almost fall, display your "Purple Pride" every Friday if not any other day you want.

Go Ravens!!!