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Hope Ravens Have McKinnie On Diet

Last season Bryant McKinnie was cut by his long time team, the Minnesota Vikings, for reporting to camp overweight and out of shape. McKinnie disputed the team's claims that he was almost 400 pounds when he reported but admitted he was not in football shape.

Baltimore, desperate for a left tackle, brought McKinnie in and had him play from Day One. His weight was a bit up from his career average but he played well for the Ravens just the same.

I wouldn't say he was great, but Bryant McKinnie was definitely the best option for the Ravens and improved their offensive line with Michael Oher moving to the right side. Oher struggled from the left side but was able to be dominant at times from the right.

Unless Baltimore decides to draft a left tackle in this year's draft, McKinnie will be their starting tackle in 2012. Baltimore picks 29th, I believe. I doubt there will be any first rate tackles left in the first round that are ready to come in and start from Day One.

That means that the Ravens will have to spend the off season monitoring Bryant's weight in hopes that he does not go on another eating spree and balloon up again. The good thing is that this team will have a normal off season with normal off season workouts this season and all players will be kept in close watch with their health and weight.The problem last season was that because of the lock-out the Vikings did not have the power to check up on McKinnie and make sure he was keeping in shape.

Hopefully this time around the Ravens will see the problem before it starts and keep it in check.