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Harbaughs 0-2 In Championship Games

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One would have thought that with two head coaches named Harbaugh in the NFL conference championship games, at least one, and hopefully (from Baltimore & San Francisco points of view) both of them would advance to the Super Bowl. Unfortunately, both John Harbaugh's Baltimore Ravens and Jim Harbaugh's San Francisco 49ers both went down to defeat in excruciating style on Sunday and now both can only sit and watch what happens at Super Bowl 46 in two weeks.

Both coaches left their team headquarters this week to head down to Mobile, Alabama, site of the Senior Bowl. Along with their coaching staffs, they will be evaluating college players all week and then repeat the same thing in even more depth at the NFL Scouting Combine in later February.

John and Jim Harbaugh were oh so close to meeting for the second time this season after already facing each other on Thanksgiving night in Baltimore, a game won by the Ravens 16-6. That was the first time brothers met as head coaches and it would have obviously been a huge tag-line of the Super Bowl had the two brothers met for a re-match.

You have to feel for the entire Harbaugh family, would would have had rooting issues had their two boys made the Big Game, and had one made it, the entire family would have been there rooting for whatever Harbaugh was coaching.